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Insurance Policy for your Blog and Website: XML Sitemap

Sitemaps help search engine bots

For the new blogger and website owner, SEO (search engine optimization) can often be a daunting endeavor. As a SEO tactic, building and submitting a Sitemap, is relatively painless and can help your site get noticed by search engines.

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‘Page could not be reached’ error- facebook ‘like’ – Solution

Some WordPress and Joomla sites have a problem where the template or URL of the page/site causes an error in facebook. The issue usually manifests in two ways.

  1. The Facebook ‘Like’ refuses to work. The usual error seen on hitting the ‘like’ button is:

    The page at XXXX could not be reached

  2. Facebook fails to show the thumbnails and meta information, of any link posted to facebook, from the affected site
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The Brandbyte Media Blog – About

Category : BlogByte

This blog aims to provide resources to businesses looking for a comprehensive online strategy that includes online marketing, design and development.

On my ‘Binary Perspectives’ blog I write personal opinions on theoretical trends, general future directions of social media and online marketing. As such, businesses looking for more actionable details may not find those posts relevant.

The topics tackled by this blog, however, will serve as a bridge between topics on and the topics that BrandByte Media clients are typically interested in. This blog address the issues most businesses seek answers for, as they tackle the new and developing frontiers of online marketing, design and development.

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