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Do-it-yourself Digital Marketing

DIY Digital Marketing Strategy – Part 2

Digital Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing Strategy

In my previous post, 7 practical steps towards a digital marketing strategy, we explored 3 actionable prerequisites towards a digital presence. Before we move on to the next few steps, it’s time to look at important conceptual bedrocks of digital marketing strategy.

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Getting Started with Digital Marketing

7 Practical steps towards a digital marketing strategy – Part 1

With the myriad digital marketing options available, it’s easy to be overwhelmed when trying to formulate a digital marketing strategy for your business.

Since this feeling of confusion is a recurring theme for many, I’ve put together a basic outline of the workflow, describing how to bring together SEO, Social Media, Email, Content marketing etc., for an integrated digital marketing strategy.

Note: These are a general guidelines. Every business is unique and will benefit greatly from a customized (see end of post for how to get a customized analysis) rather than a formulaic approach. Nevertheless, the following tips will point you in the right direction.

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SEO tactics that can ruin your business reputation

Sleazy spammy SEO can hurt your business reputation

You’ve probably received dozens of emails offering SEO services for your business website. Part of the ‘get you on first page of google’ spiel involves offering different Search Engine Optimization tactics,  intended to get links to your site from other sites.

While there are many ways to build links to your website so that your site benefits from improved search engine rankings; this post describes how some underhand SEO tactics can backfire on your business.

Many businesses end up paying for SEO services that engage in sleazy spammy black hat link building tactics, unaware of the damage to their reputation.

Here is one such story;

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Three easy steps to let Google handle email

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Gmail for your domain emailLooking to upgrade your email storage space without changing your hosting plan or web host? Want to make sure you have a relatively spam free email experience? Letting Google servers handle your email could be a good solution. You set up Google to use gmail with your domain name suffix, so your emails will end with, while using Gmail.

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Preserving social proof when moving from Joomla to WordPress

Social button counters at zeroOne of the issues to resolve when you move a site from Joomla to WordPress, is the need to preserve the social counts on your tweetlike and other social buttons on each page.

This can be fixed by making sure the URL’s of the concerned pages, are exactly the same in your new WordPress site, as they were in the older Joomla site.

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