Preserving social proof when moving from Joomla to WordPress

Preserving social proof when moving from Joomla to WordPress

Social button counters at zeroOne of the issues to resolve when you move a site from Joomla to WordPress, is the need to preserve the social counts on your tweetlike and other social buttons on each page.

This can be fixed by making sure the URL’s of the concerned pages, are exactly the same in your new WordPress site, as they were in the older Joomla site.
However, you may need to take care of a few things:

  1. Make sure you have a list of all the original page URL’s from your Joomla site. Suggestion: Make a copy of the sitemap.xml for reference.
  2. Copy all the content over from your Joomla site to WordPress. For larger sites, consider use of the Joomla to WordPress migrator plugin. A series of well perfected cut-paste actions should work for smaller sites :).
  3. In WordPress, go to your dashboard >Plugins and add a new plugin called the Permalink Editor. This will help you edit the URL’s of each page via a ‘Customise’ button in your WordPress editor.
    Edit Permalink
  4. Get that list from point 1. Time for the grunt work. Once you have matched all the URL’s from your original Joomla pages with the new pages on WordPress, you will have all the social button counters show correct counts again.

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