Your Business needs Online Charisma, not just a Website.

Your Business needs Online Charisma, not just a Website.

Charismatic Cowboy!You have a website. So do your competitors. There are millions, maybe billions and counting, websites online. How do you help your customers find you from amongst all the noise? Does your digital presence help you stand out? Do you have online charisma?

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‘Page could not be reached’ error- facebook ‘like’ – Solution

Some WordPress and Joomla sites have a problem where the template or URL of the page/site causes an error in facebook. The issue usually manifests in two ways.

  1. The Facebook ‘Like’ refuses to work. The usual error seen on hitting the ‘like’ button is:

    The page at XXXX could not be reached

  2. Facebook fails to show the thumbnails and meta information, of any link posted to facebook, from the affected site
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