Three easy steps to let Google handle email

Gmail for your domain emailLooking to upgrade your email storage space without changing your hosting plan or web host? Want to make sure you have a relatively spam free email experience? Letting Google servers handle your email could be a good solution. You set up Google to use gmail with your domain name suffix, so your emails will end with, while using Gmail. Continue reading

Preserving social proof when moving from Joomla to WordPress

Social button counters at zeroOne of the issues to resolve when you move a site from Joomla to WordPress, is the need to preserve the social counts on your tweetlike and other social buttons on each page.

This can be fixed by making sure the URL’s of the concerned pages, are exactly the same in your new WordPress site, as they were in the older Joomla site. Continue reading

Insurance Policy for your Blog and Website: XML Sitemap

Sitemaps help search engine bots

For the new blogger and website owner, SEO (search engine optimization) can often be a daunting endeavor. As a SEO tactic, building and submitting a Sitemap, is relatively painless and can help your site get noticed by search engines. Continue reading

‘Page could not be reached’ error- facebook ‘like’ – Solution

Some WordPress and Joomla sites have a problem where the template or URL of the page/site causes an error in facebook. The issue usually manifests in two ways.

  1. The Facebook ‘Like’ refuses to work. The usual error seen on hitting the ‘like’ button is:

    The page at XXXX could not be reached

  2. Facebook fails to show the thumbnails and meta information, of any link posted to facebook, from the affected site

Continue reading

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