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Versatile domain name!

Your search for that elusive and perfect domain name is over! I’m not been using this awesome domain name for about 2 years and want to pass it on. This domain name is perfect for your start up, app, design agency, marketing agency, and many more. A versatile domain name perfect for your business. Get this name with a BYTE, right now!AND you will also have the option to have BRANDBYTEMEDIA.COM transfered to you for FREE when you buy BRANDBYTE.COM

Social Accounts Included

Click on the social buttons in the header to see the accounts that you will get with this domain. If I’m not using the domain there’s no sense in keeping those accounts with me. It’ll belong to you.You’ll get the Facebook page, LinkedIn page and Twitter account along with the domain. Contact me with any questions about the social accounts.

100 Google Apps licenses included!

MORE freebies with the domain! You also get 100 user licenses of google apps. Means you can have up to 100 users use applications like gmail which are branded to the domain! Google now charges $5/user/month for this.That’s a $500/month value, month after month, for eternity (or until GOOGLE says different)! Click to compare the Free (legacy) google apps features with what Google currently offers.

Questions? I'm glad to answer your questions about this domain and the amazing value adds that come with it.